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What’s Your Plans For Summer 17?

As you all may know or not know I am embarking on a grand adventure this summer to Shanghai, China where I am studying abroad to finish my Chinese Studies minor. Believe it or not, today is the day my journey begins. At 4AM Eastern Standard time, I will arrive at the Columbus, Ohio airport where I board a plane from Columbus to Toronto, Canada, … Continue reading What’s Your Plans For Summer 17?

Henan Opera

Today I attended an experimental Henan Opera adaptation of Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s Miss Julie, downtown at the Shanghai Theater Academy.  Miss Julie is a naturalistic play written in 1888 by August Strindberg. It is set in Midsummer’s Eve on the estate of a Count in Sweden. The young woman, Miss Julie, is drawn to a senior servant, a valet named Jean, who is particularly … Continue reading Henan Opera

Traveling to China in the future? 

I cannot wait to share with you 38 things to know before traveling to China. This list isn’t meant to be comprehensive, I am sure there are other things that could be added. While reading keep in mind I only traveled to Beijing, Suzhou, Wuzhen, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, China. Therefore, I can only speak on behalf of those places. I have physically seen, heard, smelled, … Continue reading Traveling to China in the future? 

Oriental Pearl Tower + Dinner Boat Cruise 

This week, our class took a trip to downtown Shanghai to explore the Oriental Pearl Tower and later take a dinner boat cruise on the Huangpu River.  The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower 东方明珠塔 is a TV tower located in the Pudong New Area by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund in downtown Shanghai, China. This 468 meters (1,536 feet) high tower … Continue reading Oriental Pearl Tower + Dinner Boat Cruise 

Adventures in China – 北京 (Day 1)

My professor, three of my classmates, and I embarked on a short, weekend journey to Beijing. We bought high speed train tickets for about $200 US dollars round trip from Shanghai to Beijing. Beijing is about 5 hours from Shanghai when traveling on a high speed train. We arrived around 8PM Friday evening and traveled by underground subway to the Central Business District (CBD) where … Continue reading Adventures in China – 北京 (Day 1)

Basic Expressions in Mandarin Chinese 

你好!nǐhǎo – Hello/How are you. This phrase can be used at any time of the day as a common form of greeting and requires the same phrase as an answer.  再见!zàijiàn – Goodbye; see you again  欢迎 huānyíng – To welcome; greet 早上好!zǎoshanghǎo – Good morning! 晚安!wǎn’ān – Good night! 谢谢!xièxie – Thank you! 不客气 bùkèqì – You’re welcome; don’t mention it/please don’t bother; I’ll … Continue reading Basic Expressions in Mandarin Chinese 

Adventures in China – 杭州

After lunch, we left Wuzhen and traveled further to Hangzhou. We visited a night market and ate delicious food once we arrived. The next day, we explored the West Lake and climbed up to the Leifeng Pagoda. In the afternoon, we traveled the countryside to the Dragon Well Tea Garden where we gained knowledge about the tea-making process. We even picked tea leaves straight from … Continue reading Adventures in China – 杭州